We are a marriage agency, arranging Japanese traditional matchmaking meetings called ”Omiai” for peaple looking to get married. We currently have over 52,000 members who passed our strict criteria for screening. There are so many Japanese women called ”Yamato Nadeshiko”, who shy away from foreign people although they are interested in getting to know them.

What is our differentirators?

   ・The number is clear that marriages via ”Omiai” matchmaking meeting services are more successful ; The divorce rate in japan is 35%, but the rate is under 10% for those who got married via ”Omiai” matchmaking meeting services.

   ・Our members are very graceful, smart, homey and beatiful Japanese ladies. Someone you can’t find at the clubs in Roppongi or matchmaking web sites out there. 

How it works?

  1. The process of the ”Omiai” meeting starts with choosing someone through our web system who you’d like to meet in person from over 52,000 profiles.

  2. You meet the person with a matchmaker.

(This traditional meeting style is called ”Omiai” in Japan)

  3. If you would get along, you’ ll start dating and it’ ll lead to a proposal and then to the wedding.

Our professional staff can help make the process go smoothly. It’s a very efficient and successful process.


Feel free to contact us!

TEL :  03-6868-5120  

Email  : nadeshiko@asia.com